Automate support workflows with WhiteLotus AI.

WhiteLotus AI provides efficient and personalized customer support 24/7, enabling businesses to handle high volume of tickets in real-time right from your support ecosystem.

Why choose us

WhiteLotus AI gets your business up and running with customer service workflows with rich set of features.

ITSM/CRM integration​

WhiteLotus fits right into your ITSM ecosystem such as Zendesk, Freshdesk etc. In addition, we provide white-glove customization for your existing ecosystem.

Reduce communication delays due to incomplete information

WhiteLotus prompts the user to provide all the information to drive quicker resolution​.

Tracking Metrics​

Leverage built-in metrics in WhiteLotus portal to improve efficacy and performance.​

Third party tool and script integration

Our ability to automatically invoke any SRE/DevOps tools right from your support ecosystem for seamless integration.​

Increase L1 & L2 support throughput

WhiteLotus handles the banalities so your agents can better serve your customer.​

Advanced Triage

Our Gen AI will generate insights to help solve complex issues.​

ITSM Integration

Integrate WhiteLotus AI into your platform.

 Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for understanding and responding to customer tickets. Predefined responses for common queries and the ability to learn from interactions to improve future answers. Seamless handoff to human agents when necessary, ensuring a smooth customer journey. Integrates seamlessly into Zendesk, Freshdesk.

Automated search and retrieval of relevant articles from the knowledge base
Integration with enterprise-specific Knowledge Bases for enhanced problem-solving.
Use Gen AI to understand the context of a query and provide accurate answers based on matching content in the knowledge base.

Actionable interaction using API integrations.

Our Gen AI customer service product offers customized API integrations/webhooks, enabling businesses to extend the capabilities of our solution beyond basic interactions. These extensions allow for more complex workflows and integrations with external systems, such as licensing, CRMs or custom devops/SRE scripts


Customer Portal for Metrics and Advanced Features.​

Our advanced customer portal provides users with easy access to a wide range of features, enabling them to manage their interactions with our AI agentic APIs more efficiently.

Our portal offers real-time metrics tracking through an intuitive dashboard, allowing businesses to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores.
Users can customize the dashboard to display specific metrics, 3rd party integrations and settings that are most relevant to their business.
The portal also provides access to historical data, enabling businesses to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.


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