Automate support workflows with WhiteLotus AI.​

Leveraging generative AI to revolutionize customer support by providing swift, personalized, and efficient issue resolution.


Extracts intelligence from your ticketing system.

Harness the power of Gen AI to streamline Level 1 and Level 3 support tasks and expedite ticket resolution by proactively guiding users to supply essential information, while simultaneously directing L1 and L2 agents toward likely issue sources for efficient problem-solving.

Cluster, organize and distill the available information.
Minimize latency delivering high SLA.
Reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).

ITSM/CRM plug and play.

WhiteLotus AI will plug into your existing Zendesk, Freshdesk ecosystem, with provisions to handle end-to-end support workflows with 3rd party integrations.

Increase L1 & L2 support throughput

WhiteLotus handles the banalities so your support can better serve your customer.​

Reduce communication delays due to incomplete information

WhiteLotus prompts the user to supply all the information that might be needed for a quicker resolution​

Tracking Metrics​

Use built-in metrics in WhiteLotus portal to review efficacy and performance.​

Third party tool and script integration

WhiteLotus can automatically invoke any SRE/DevOps tools right from your support software.​

ITSM/CRM integration​

WhiteLotus fits right into your ITSM ecosystem such as Zendesk and Freshdesk.​

Advanced Triage

WhiteLotus will generate insights to assist in solving L2 and L3 support issues.​


Distills the intelligence, not the data.

Experience peace of mind with our combination of advanced LLMs and Named Entity Recognition (NER) layer, designed to safeguard data and prevent information leakage in multi-tenant environments, ensuring secure and seamless deployment.

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